Who Am I?

I am comprised of chance. A chance meeting between two individuals throughout history whom just so happened to procreate a hundred thousand times over. I am the remnants and rebirth of a thousand stars propelled throughout the universe from an explosion echoing out from a vacuum the size of a marble. I am the pause between your inhale of oxygen from the troposphere and the exhale of carbon dioxide into the ozone. I am all the music I have ever listened to and I sing those ballads in my movements with as much grace and appreciation that I can convey for the solidarity they have provided over the years. I am the look of confusion in your eyes when determining whether I am exceedingly beautiful or riddled with dark undecipherable flaws and secrets. I have a gypsy soul that pushes and pulls me over distant seas and foreign lands. I am a moment in time, a fleeting instant, a wonderful world of the unknown, I am comprised of chance.


I am Brett Hemmings.


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