I Bite to Break Skin

Pockets of the city streets hold plumes of air steeped in the scent of your sweat. Your presence palpable once I stumble upon them, your smell colliding against my skin. Forcing me to revisit the memory of our story, a present being lived out only in our past now. The years of its narrative surge through me in seconds. A highlight reel projecting instances of pain and elation permanently trapped within my head but experienced inside my heart.

Now, when I am stalked by the memories ignited by your familiar odor I encounter while Shuffling through the streets of the city…I bite to break skin, to exsanguinate that sudden surge of you circulating through me every now and again.

For once in the past 3 years, draining the toxin of you from my body and watching you drip out of my life has been a satisfyingly serene scene to surrender into when attempting to escape the putrid sweetness of your stench.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/serene/”>Serene</a&gt;


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