I have constructed this online blog as a creative outlet for what will undoubtably be a catastrophic collection of attempts at my writing own personally composed literary pieces, as well as an eclectic mix of posts containing media, quotes and images that inspire me to proceed on in a continuous effort determined to capture my voice. I believe that this process will lead to my personal and ongoing development of self, with an emphasis on the cultivation of strength and wholeness while existing on my own, in singularity, outside the realm of involvement in a romantic relationship. My story starts with the ending of a proposed forever and aborted endeavor, culminating into a four month self induced state of psychosis from impetuous and impulsive decisions I made and directions I trudged. I hurt many people I loved while immersed in the process of purposefully hurting myself in search of attrition. I believe many of the decisions I made were made out of the fear of finally being alone with myself, alone without an anchored understanding of my own identity. I always transformed myself into what each of my significant others wanted or expected me to be for so long, I realized I was a stranger standing in a suit poorly stitched together and made of my own skin. Through writing and reading I have come back from the darkest depths fathomable within the mind and I aim to ignite a fire within my solitary soul and learn what I bring that adds to the seemingly boundless beauty blanketing me while I work finding my way through my altered perception of reality. Be prepared for poetry, memoirs, and fiction and non-fiction short stories, those mediums have been my most beloved sources during the creation of an outlet for my demons and have saved my life. I was lost in love, and now I am finally finding sanctuary in aloneness.


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