Well.. Gray has this way of shading a person's perception. It happens slowly and then all at once as Hemmingway put it. You are walking down the street wearing your rose tinted glasses and then it knocks the wind out of you. And you start to see the world as it actually is, existing in absence. Like the color gray, it is found directly between white and black on the color spectrum. If you look up the word "gray" it is actually defined as being without color. And when it hits you, well then your fucked. With your eyesight no longer impaired, you notice the world around you is functioning to fill an inherent sense of absence, because it creates purpose for humanity."

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With this realization my love, I retreated into my favorite memory, a reoccurring dream that had always made reality seem less ugly, in a picturesque setting where the entire world seemed airbrushed. Surveying that scenery in the company of silence I finally understood, that needless to say, it had been our words that had failed us.

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Note to Self

After all, who purchases a frame for the stock photos displaying strangers in the act of creating manufactured moments of supposed happiness? I am the prospect of better days that lay ahead in a frame for another's future to fill.


“Sometimes, I write suicide letters addressed to all the people I love.” Dorian had an abrupt way of vomiting out her thoughts and allowing them to spill across lighthearted conversations that were taking place. Perhaps it was her eyes that foreshadowed the onslaught of her awkward proclamations such as this one he thought. They were... Continue Reading →

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